Topics for Strong Research

Topics for Strong Research

Choosing a dissertation topic is one of the most difficult tasks in academic writing. Why is it so? It is so because it is not very easy to select a topic that has not been explored, and that it is a task that takes a long time and energy to arrive at a preferable case. A dissertation is a lengthy form of writing with scientific value and credits worth publishing that can also help further research. If you are a student at the undergraduate or graduate level, and you find it difficult to coin or construct a dissertation topic, a list of dissertation topics provided by DissertationTeam service can serve as a sample to you:

Business and Administration of Research Topics

Business Dissertation topics

  1. Real Estate Market Trends and the reasoning behind it
  2. The failure of leadership and its contribution to the 2008 Economic crisis.
  3. The Effects of Globalization on Business Leadership
  4. Investigation into real estate price fluctuation using one city as a case study

Public Administration topics

  1. The Prevention and Influence of Corrupt Practices in Public Administration
  2. The Impacts of Immigration policies on the Economy
  3. The roles of Public Administration on Homeless People’s Rights

Medicine Research topics

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. The Relationship between Nursing Help and Patient stress level
  2. Diabetes and the best Injury Treatment Methods in Patients
  3. Pharmacology Education Strategies for Nurses and Why they are necessary

Dissertation topics in health care management

  1. Budgeting a public healthcare system
  2. Implementation of modern recovery programs in-hospital care system
  3. How the presence of the media influences the private healthcare system
  4. Effective strategies to improve the public healthcare system

Humanities Research Topics

Art Dissertation Topics

  1. The History and Rise of digital Art
  2. The interconnected relationship between photography and hyper-realistic Art
  3. The Influence of Modern Technology on abstract Art
  4. The contributions of Capitalism to the Development of Art

Linguistic Dissertation Topics

  1. Language learning strategies and how efficient they are.
  2. Exploring Lexical borrowing and Globalization
  3. The impact of Social network on slang language
  4. Formation of accents and how it is influenced by geography.
  5. Integrating slang into Literary canon

History Dissertation Topics

  1. The French revolution and its Philosophical context.
  2. Diplomatic strategies and failure during the hundred years’ war
  3. The Soviet War and how the world’s weapon and arms black market developed.

International law Dissertation Topics

  1. Analyzing International law Conceptually.
  2. The efficiency of international tribunals regarding war crimes?
  3. A look into the future of digital and internet legislation
  4. Analyzing Article 2 paragraph 4 of the United Nations Charter and its Concept.

Dissertation topics are not exhaustive and the lists of topics above are only samples to help you coin or construct the Dissertation topics of your choice. We hope this will help you arrive at the desirable topic that you are interested in researching.

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