Primary Research Step by Step

Primary Research Step by Step

Students that are at postgraduate levels of studies do have issues with primary research. What you are about reading is all that you needed to overcome any areas of difficulty involved in this type of writing. This is a complete guide that is broken down into simple steps. The understanding of each of the steps will help resolve all doubts with this level of writing. 

Now let us take a look at the steps.

Step 1- Your data: You have to decide on the type of data that you wanted to make use of. There are three options here: Primary; Secondary and Big data methods. 

Step 2- Primary research methodology: You are expected to decide on the methodologies that will suit the purpose of your primary research. Understanding what is involved in each of the methodologies is important before deciding on the particular one to employ. The following methodologies are available: Mixed; Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. 

Step 3- Strengths and limitations: For each of the three data listed above, there are strengths and limitations involved which you are expected to look into with an unbiased lens. If you choose the qualitative data; the following procedures should be taken to achieve the expected results:

  • Select your qualitative method
  • Get your participants
  • Select the measures to be applied
  • Get the analysis to be used
  • Understand the procedures involved

The same procedure applies to all other forms of data that you have decided to make use of. 

Step 4– Ethics: No matter the type of data that you are considering, there is a need to think about ethics. The first step in beginning this type of paper involves submitting your proposal to the ethics committee. 

Why is this so? Some of the research deals with issues that are sensitive and it will be unfair to hurt the feelings of others. This is the reason why all assurances should be put in place to avoid the outcome of your essay hurting the final readers. There is a need to inform your participants that they can withdraw from the survey at any point in time.

The confidentiality of each of the participants should be kept under wraps. It is expected of every writer to debrief their participants at the end of each assignment. 

Step 5- Level of discipline: It should be noted that there is a difference between undergraduate and graduate studies. The undergraduate studies will not go beyond qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The postgraduate studies can extend to mixed methodology.

At any level of writing, the procedures are simple and self-explanatory. Where there is a will to move forward with the research, all other things will fall naturally into place. 

Final take

The main steps that are necessary to conduct primary research for both undergraduate and graduate students have been described above. The processes involved are not more than what is described above. When you follow the steps, all the fear involved in primary research writing will be a thing of the past. However, if you don’t want to conduct the primary research by yourself, you can pay for custom dissertation writing at and enjoy the quality help they provide.

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